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  • Reviewed By: Alex and Katie W.
  • Location: Mystic,CT
  • Comment: We wanted to waterproof our basement so we could finish and furnish it. This required sealing the walls, sealing the floor/wall joint and redo our sump pump well.

    The job was just as described at the signed quote. Dan and his team even came back after some of the refinishing was done to double-check the basement and even touched up areas
    that we were only able to see after some very heavy rains/result of some of the construction. All without additional cost. He also continued to check in after the work was done and,
    again, after heavy rains which meant a lot to us.

    Dan and his team showed up as promised and kept a very clean work environment. They were professional, neat, and explained the process and things he found along the way (this is our
    first home, so his insights were helpful). Overall we are very happy with his team, application, and results so far. Dan was a pleasure to work with and one reason we were really interested
    in his company's solution is due to the minimal impact it had on the foundation.

  • Overall Rating